Range-extended mid-to-large SUV market Ideal L6 vs. M7


Today’s automobile market is in a state of flux. The Xiaomi SU7 is still popular. Another hit, the Lideal L6, has arrived. One reason is that Li Auto was ranked first among China’s new power car companies in sales last year. But, the industry has since surpassed it many times. The pure electric MPV model, MEGA, was launched before. The brand even had a “Waterloo,” which made it passive. In order to get back on track, Lili quickly launched a new L-series model, the Li L6. The Ideal L6 has been launched. It has shaken the market for large SUVs that can go far. This market was dominated by China’s new and powerful car companies.

The Li L6 model’s starting price is 249,800 yuan. This price exactly matches the competing Wenjie M7’s. So, how should we choose between these two extended-range mid-to-large SUVs? Let’s take a look at the spark-splashing contest between them.

Appearance comparison

L6 continues the family style and M7 conforms to public aesthetics

From a product positioning view, the Ideal L6 is the lowest-priced model in the L car series. Its shape continues the family-style design of the L cars. The iconic one-piece star ring headlight group is highly recognizable. At the same time, the details of the light group have been adjusted. The outline has become slimmer and without breaks. In terms of body size, the ideal L6 is the smallest among the L series models. Its length, width, and height are 4925mm, 1960mm, 1735mm. Its wheelbase is 2920mm. But, this size is still as large as a “large five-seater” medium and large SUV. The specifications were set at the new car launch. The ideal set its “benchmark” model as the Porsche Cayenne.

The Wenjie M7’s shape is conservative. This is unlike the Ideal L6, which has a “new energy style” design. The large air intake grille and through-type headlights are closer to the design of traditional fuel SUVs. They have a standard “public face”. Of course, this design style also makes the Wenjie M7 aesthetically pleasing. The audience is broader. In terms of body size, Wenjie M7 and Lili L6 have mutual advantages. The body length of the Wenjie M7 is over 5 meters, at 5020mm. But, the wheelbase is 100mm shorter than the ideal L6 at 2820mm.

The body size difference between the “big five-seater” medium and large SUV models is so subtle. It’s hard to feel in real life. It depends more on whether the interior layout of the car is reasonable.

Interior comparison

L6 highlights the sense of simple technology M7 focuses on light luxury home style

The interior of the Ideal L6 will not give people a sense of freshness. It follows the family’s “matryoshka” design. But this is also the best part of the interior of the Ideal L6 – you can buy the same model as the flagship L9 for less money. interior. The large central control screen is located in the front row. The co-pilot’s entertainment screen is there too. They are two 15.7-inch 3K screens that are integrated into one. The car has a 4.82-inch full LCD instrument panel. It also has a 13.35-inch HUD head-up display on the steering wheel. The design is simple and high-tech. At the same time, the materials used in the whole vehicle are quite generous. Everything within reach is wrapped in soft materials. This highlights its “dad car” attribute.

In terms of configuration, the Li L6 has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 car chip. This ensures the car entertainment system runs smoothly. The front seats have heating, ventilation, and massage. The rear seats also have heating and ventilation. Also, it has mobile phone wireless charging. It also has a rear electric adjustment. It has a 19-speaker audio, an electric trunk, gesture control, and more. The L6 Pro is one level lower than the L7 Pro. It only has a few missing configurations. For example, it has a rear seat massage and a rear entertainment screen. It also has in-car 220V power, an electric suction door, an induction trunk, and air suspension.

The interior design style of the Wenjie M7 is simple and bright. It gives a light and luxurious home feeling. Hongmeng Smart Cockpit 3.0 is led by Huawei. It includes a 10.25-inch curved full LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch 2K HDR central control screen. These screens are also great at creating a high-tech feel.

Of course, Wenjie M7 is obviously better at creating a sense of luxury. It has a delicate wooden grain and lovely crystals and leather. It has all kinds of high-end elements. It is available in Shaohua Apricot, Amber Brown, and Polar Night. The three interior color schemes of black perfectly enhance the luxurious atmosphere.

Smart driving comparison

All L6 series are equipped with high-end intelligent driving systems. Only M7 high-end models are equipped with Huawei’s capabilities.

In terms of smart driving systems, the Lideal L6 Pro is the basic model. It is equipped with the Lideal AD Pro system. It has a Horizon Journey 5 chip with 128TOPS. It supports high-speed NOA. It can do automatic parking. It also has functions for exit, entry, valet, and remote control parking. Wenjie M7 only has the Max version. It has the HUAWEI ADS intelligent driving system. The Plus version also supports basic L2 level driving assistance. It can handle most daily driving.

Performance comparison

L6 has stronger power performance and M7 has longer pure electric battery life.

In the power part, the Li L6 still uses the same 1.5T four-cylinder engine as the Lili L7 range extender. The whole series has front and rear dual motors. The max power is 300 kW. The peak torque is 529N·m and it accelerates from 0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds. This is more than enough for most needs.

The Lili L6 has a 36.8kWh lithium iron phosphate battery due to cost. It has an electric range of 212 kilometers under CLTC conditions. It also has a 60-liter fuel tank. This gives a total range of 1,390 kilometers. It can easily meet all travel scenarios. Also, the ideal L6 electric system is less powerful. But, its core specs have not dropped much compared with the L7. And, its price-performance ratio has improved a lot.

The Li L6 series has two motors. The entry-level Wenjie M7 has one rear-mounted motor. It has 200kW of power, 360N·m of torque, and can go 0-100km/h in 7.8 seconds. It is weaker in terms of power performance than the Ideal M7. Ideal L6. However, in terms of battery selection, the Wenjie M7 quickly regained its “face”. The entire series is equipped with a 40kWh Ningde era ternary lithium battery pack. The battery capacity is larger and the density is higher. Under CLTC operating conditions, the pure electric range reaches 240km and at the same time, it is about 2.5C. The charging rate and fast charging time are about 25 minutes. They are also better than the Ideal L6’s.

The Lili L6’s chassis has more advanced front suspension. It uses a double wishbone design. It is stronger than the Wenjie M7’s MacPherson front suspension. The Lili L6 has better lateral support and cornering stability. With strong power performance, the ideal L6 will be the one that is more enjoyable to drive.

Shopping advice

After comparing, we see that the Li L6 and Wenjie M7 are very similar in size, price, etc. But, they have vastly different personalities. Each has unique advantages and highlights.

Li Auto’s “youngest” mid-to-large SUV is the L6. It has a stylish and trendy look. The interior is also simple and upscale. Its technology and safety system are not inferior to those of other Li Auto L series models. It still provides home users with a comfortable and comprehensive driving experience. The Wenjie M7 is powered by Huawei’s tech. It has Huawei’s Hongmeng intelligent cockpit system. This system provides car owners with advanced technology and convenient human-computer interaction. At the same time, it has a traditional design. It presents a more traditional sense of luxury. This is in line with the tastes of a wider range of people.

So, how should you choose between these two models? The ideal L6 is more suitable for relatively younger family users. After all, “daddy car” has become a well-known brand name for Ideal Auto. The details will focus more on the real needs of young families for their cars. If you like Wenjie M7’s old luxury or use Huawei’s Hongmeng system for business, then Wenjie M7 is better.

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